About Simpson Spring

Our Mission & Vision

We strive to preserve and protect Simpson Spring – a vital part of our local history, the foundation of our business and the source of the quality of our products while educating the consumer and spreading awareness.

Our vision is to become a local industry leader by fostering an environment where people come to experience the historical value and beauty of nature’s gift to the community.

Step Back in Time at Simpson Spring



Our History

Simpson Spring is a family owned and operated company that provides pure bottled spring water and all-natural hand-mixed soda in a variety of classic flavors. In 1878 our building was built around a geothermal spring. We bottle REAL spring water, and make soda with our spring water. 

The spring itself dates back to 6000BC The Wampanoag Indian Tribe lived there until the 1600's when the Small Pox epidemic and King Phillips war destroyed their population. Our family prides ourselves on Simpson Spring's storied history, which began in South Easton, Massachusetts more than 140 years ago with the discovery of a natural, bubbling spring...

Since that time, the company has been an adventure in the American dream, flourishing with advances in technology, remaining independent amidst industry consolidation. There are less than 100 independent bottlers left in The United States. We endeavor to keep the spirit of America alive.


The Simpson Spring Difference

Simpson's Spring water comes from one, naturally bubbling spring set within a protected area in South Easton, Massachusetts. There is only one spring, consequently one source. Our water is tested twice weekly by an outside lab and meets the highest quality standards for purity and refreshment!

There is a real difference between what you are getting with Simpson Spring, and what you get from mass producers. We've got nothing to hide. We encourage you to ask to see our latest water analysis!

Hear Our Story


Simpson Spring was recently featured on the WCVB Channel 5 Made and Mass segment. Click the image above to hear Doug Meehan's report.


▲Take a Tour

Watch this video for an inside look at the oldest bottling plant in the US! See our bottling process, historic museum and more!


◀︎Our Rich History

Hear Chris Bertarelli from Simpson Spring talk about the History of Simpson Spring on Jim Zoppo's American Landscape, below (At about the 30 minute mark).




"After drinking it exclusively for a week, I simply feel better and move better!"

"As a fitness professional, I know the importance of staying hydrated for performance. As an aging lifter, I've learned that how well I move and feel, is directly related to the amount of water I drink during the day. I can honestly say, after being first introduced to the pure spring water from Simpson Spring, I was hooked from the very first bottle! I could immediately tell the difference in the taste of the bottled water I typically get at the convenience store and the taste of Simpson Spring water. After drinking it exclusively for a week, I simply feel better and move better! Thank you for an amazing product!"

~ Jim Smith, Strength Coach | www.dieselsc.com



”When I was a young girl, my Mother always bought Simpson Spring coffee soda in the summertime. She would put it in milk and I think she and I were the only ones who drank it but we thought it tasted just like a coffee ice cream soda without the ice cream. I don’t drink soda anymore but I am going to buy some coffee soda, just for me, and I will put it in milk. Whenever I drink it, I will think of my mom, summers on the Cape, and it will put a smile on my face.”




“I lived in Easton for a few years as a child in the 1980s. There used to be a pond on the street that leads to Simpson Spring. The last time I visited, I noticed that it looked like the pond had been overtaken by brush, but it used to make a great spot for ice skating in the winter. We’d walk to Simpson Spring and buy sodas for a quarter a piece. Then we’d walk to the pond and stick the sodas in the snow while we skated. When we were done, we’d each enjoy an ice cold Simpson Spring soda. My favorite flavors were White Birch and Root Beer. Anytime I go back home for a visit, I try to stop in and pick up a case of one of my favorite childhood memories!”

~ Cindy



“I love everything about Simpson. The water, the soda,not to mention the whole atmosphere. There is something enchanting about it. I’m so glad the owners have kept it well preserved and have not sold out to bigger companies like many others do. The fact that it is family owned such a special thing. The water is amazing, it tastes so crisp and fresh. The soda is equally great, with the many flavors available (the white birch is my favorite). Also, every time I have gone in to purchase items, the staff is accommodating and friendly.I will always call myself a customer, keep up the good work.”

~ Kara



“Did “White Birch Soda” used to be called “Birch Beer”? As a kid, I used to walk down to Sweetser’s general store in Duxbury and buy myself a “Birch Beer” – it was the only place I had ever come across and after we moved away, I just assumed the company ceased operations. I stumbled across “White Birch Soda” today at Lamberts on Morrisey Blvd., and the label looked so familiar I figured it had to be the same company. So glad to find you are still operational after all this time. Cheers!” ~ Hank



“As a child growing up in Brockton, MA, my mother would buy Simpson Spring soda, a case at a time. I loved the orange soda so much that it became a standard never equalled by any other…to this day. “ ~ Norman



“When I was little I used to visit my dad at the firehouse in Dedham MA. He worked there for something like 38 years. He was in charge of Ladder One. Ladder one was and is a giant ladder truck. My dad was amazing there. When me and my mom would visit he would come down the fire pole upside down! I practically lived at the Dedham fire house. Everyone knew my name and I loved it there. In the firehouse upstairs next to the top of the fire pole was a really old metal soda machine. It had a little glass door and was fully stocked with Simpson Spring Sodas. The guys (and gal, Kathy the first female firefighter I knew existed) LOVED Simpson Spring soda. My dad would always get me a Sarsaparilla. Sometimes he would slide down the fire pole upside-down holding two open Sarsaparillas right side up!!! I knew that when I visited my dad I was getting a Sarsaparilla. He’s in his 70s now and I’m 28. I love my father so much. I love The Simpson Springs Sarsaparilla because to me it’s more then just a soda it’s many great memories of that fire house and how amazing my dad really is.” ~ Jennifer



“My parents just opened an old-fashioned soda shop in Portland, Oregon, and we carry several of your products. I’d never tried Birch Beer before, and decided to start with your company’s White Birch Soda to start – our customers really like it! Needless to say it was awesome. It’s now ranks high on my list of favorite sodas. Thank you!” ~ Kaitlin



“I first met and enjoyed Simpson Spring in 1934 when I worked as a boy for my uncle at his grocery and meat market on the corner of Washington Street and Brent Street in Dorchester. It was the AK Market. He carried quart size bottles of orange and coffee soda. I loved the coffee soda particularly with fresh made ice cream from the McMurry’s creamery. It was great in the summers! A big scoop of vanilla ice cream in a large glass of foaming Simpson Spring coffee soda. I just had my first bottle of coffee soda since 1942, 70 years ago. The rush of all those years came back and it tastes just like it always did. Thank you for your wonderful product.” ~ Stavros Cosmopulos



“I believe it was 40 years ago when I was first introduced to Simpson Spring soda at the local “Spa” in North Scituate. My father bought me a white birch beer on a fine late spring day. We had to ask the shopkeeper if he had a church key to open the bottle. I remember taking that first sip and immediately thinking it tasted like liquid bubble gum, with just enough fizz. I also remember that bottle didn’t last very long at all and I was hooked for life. Today, I still keep it in stocked in my refrigerator for a hot summer day, or special holidays. Every person I’ve introduced to any of Simpson Spring’s products want to know where they can purchase it and I am happy to tell them.” ~ Tim D.



“I like my Simpson Spring Soda, my personal favorite(s) is the Birch Soda and Fruit Punch Soda and the Root Beer. The water is great and it comes from one spring opposed from multiple springs as the big companies use, so you know where it is from. The prices are great, the water is very competitive with the big companies and in most cases cheaper! When you shop there they go out of the way to help you and will even carry your purchase to your vehicle. My family have been customers for many years and are very satisfied with the product, and it is local. I frequent a local restaurant and the soda is available there, it definitely has a following! Bring a case to your next family outing or buy one for yourself, and don't forget the water for your coffee machine. Keep up the great work Simpson Spring!” ~ Jeff H.



“Simpson Spring has the best soda on the planet! I like the Ginger Ale, Sasparilla, and Cream Soda. I’m glad the spring is still springing old school style!” ~ Kathleen J.



“I grew up in Brockton on Perkins Ave and a few hundred yards from my house was I believe a distribution center for your product. I use to walk over in the early mornings during the summer and watch the men loading the trucks and every once in awhile they would give me a soda. My favorite was the Golden Ginger Ale which to my dismay is no longer available, it was truly the best ginger ale I have ever had. Just seeing your label brings back so many childhood memories.” ~ b



“I met Chris and her son Dan at the Natick Farmers Market. I loved their sodas from the start. It wasn’t until I invited Chris to an open house I was having did I get hooked. She gave us a case of soda as a gift for hosting the party and inviting them. Now I can’t live without my Simpson Spring Soda. Everyone couple of weeks I get a full case. I actually keep it at room temperature now and I love having a bottle with my dinner. I am partial the flavored sparkling waters, but I do enjoy a good root beer, white birch, or sarsaparilla as well. And there is nothing like a good orange soda when the mood strikes you.” ~ b