Why We Love Edible South Shore

edible SOUTH SHORE & SOUTH COAST is a seasonal magazine that celebrates the abundance of local foods in Southeastern Massachusetts. They believe that our food choices make a difference to our health, to the health of our planet, and to our enjoyment of life. 

eSS covers news of our region’s farmers, brewers, food artisans, chefs, home gardeners, and others who have a dedication to producing and using sustainably produced, local, seasonal foods. 

The folks from edible South Shore have often been guests at our Saturday Marketplace Events and we always have the latest copy of their magazine available at the Spring.

If you are not already a fan, you will want to read eSS if you:

  • Eat delicious, locally grown, seasonal foods
  • Would like to get to know the people who grow, produce, cook and sell those foods
  • Love seasonal recipes featuring your favorite locally found ingredients
  • Are interested in learning more about what’s available in our region in terms of great dining, day trips, food events, festivals, books, and food products.