Sophia’s Greek Pantry


A few months back, I stumbled upon the best greek yogurt in the whole world. Really. The first time the rich, silky, probiotic filled treat touched my tongue… let’s just say it was one of those “had to have it” moments. Now we travel back and forth from Sophia’s weekly, bringing back up to 100 pounds of yogurt to sell at our everyday Marketplace.

Sophia Skopetos has always made her own yogurt since she was a teenager and now it is one of Massachusetts secret gems. Using a recipe that she learned from her grandmother, that combines a perfect amount of sheep and goat’s milk (not cows), she creates a magnificently thick and tangy greek-style yogurt that is so unlike the candied fruit infused yogurts found in your local box store, it feels wrong to call them the same thing.

While you can always grab some of Sophia’s yogurt, (it comes in many seasonally inspired flavors, but is always available in plain, honey-vanilla, honey-coconut and honey-blueberry, you can also grab it while visiting Sophia’s Greek Pantry, an authentic Greek specialty store with two locations, in Belmont, Somerville and Lowell. Fans (like us) travel from miles around just to visit. Sophia’s Greek Pantry also offers a variety of Greek and Mediterranean-style products and imports including Greek coffee, olives, cooking oils, pasta, breads, books and gifts as well as their own homemade baked goods and pastries from their on-site pastry chef! Sophia’s Greek Pantry also boasts an extensive catering menu.

Stop by our Marketplace for Sophia’s Greek Yogurt, available 6 days a week!