Dolce Cupcakes

Dolce Cupcakes of South Easton, MA is one of the Marketplace’s longest running and most beloved vendors. Offering delectable hand-crafted treats including cookies, cake-pops, whoopie pies, larabars and, of course, gourmet cupcakes, Deborah Fayne, owner and chief baker at Dolce Cupcakes makes all of her products from scratch! “Our products are created with special attention to quality ingredients, unique flavors and the love of sharing our family recipes with everyone.”

Dolce Cupcakes also offers cooking and baking classes for school-aged children. Her students learn basic meal preparation skills and how to bake and decorate from scratch.

We caught up with Deb recently to ask her a few questions about Dolce Cupcakes and why she supports local business:

Can you tell us one thing your customers might not know about your treats?

Deb: If I have to name just one thing, it would be that our recipes are from my own family and friends. Some of them are from my mother's old tin recipe box that was given to me when she passed away. It gives me great comfort when I open it to take out stained recipe card with its tattered edges from years of baking and read a recipe that was written by's bitter sweet sometimes.

Give us 3 words to describe your business:  

Deb: Homemade, delicious, traditions.

Do you shop local?

Deb: Yes, I shop local! I personally, buy many things, such as water, soda, honey, nuts, and meats at the Simpson Spring Marketplace, too, just to name a few.