Granulated Honey: What Causes Honey To Crystallize?

by Celeste Apiaries, (hives located behind Simpson Spring, Easton, MA)

The honey bee collects pollen and nectar from many different plant sources. Nectar contains a high percentage of water which the bees evaporate in the process of making honey. Honey is composed of dextrose, levulose, water 92%, the other 8% , various sugars.... When honey contains high levels of dextrose, it will granulate more quickly.

The temperature of the honey will also effect crystallization. That can cause problems for winter storage if you are a beekeeper and plan to sell honey throughout the winter. If you have ever tried to bottle crystallized honey, you'd know, it's difficult.

After harvesting our honey it is put into our bottling tank which keeps the honey just warm enough to prevent crystallization. We never filter our honey, and the temperature is never any higher than it would be if it were in a bee hive on a summer day. This makes our job a little easier and keeps our customers happy and sweet throughout the winter months.

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