Tour Simpson Spring's Historic Museum

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While the Simpson Spring we know today is a thriving bottler of the highest quality pure spring water, and old-fashioned craft soda, and the incubator of local food producers and entrepreneurs across New England, the building itself has been in operation since 1878. Travel back in time in the oldest bottling plant in the country! See remnants and artifacts from the factory's salad days in the 1930's and 40's when they were distributors of the beloved Moxie soda and experience the part they played in the early days of the soft-drink revolution. Hear stories about R.H. Macy and their influence on Coffee Soda and learn real story behind a brief stint they had with a well-known cola company.

The spring itself dates back to 6000BC. While you are on a tour of their historic building, you will actually get to see the spring where all of their water comes from - You'd be hard-pressed to find another water company that would be able to finagle a thing like that!

Tour participants will also spend time in the Simpson Spring laboratory where the historic flavors you enjoy today were first created.

Free tours of the Simpson Spring historic museum happen every Saturday at 11:00am and 1:00pm or any time by appointment, call 508-238-4472 to schedule.

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