Blackbird Farm (Smithfield, RI)

The Marketplace is proud to carry Blackbird Farm products in our everyday store.

The goal at Blackbird Farm is to raise the highest quality meat at their farm in Smithfield RI to supply to the local market. They only raise 100% Angus cattle and 100% Heritage Berkshire pigs and applying meat quality genetics to their herds to produce superior quality meat.

Raised with only the best intentions in the most professional way from the farmer and most important the animal. The animals are fed hormone-free, antibiotic-free and non-GMO feed that is ground and mixed on site to be over seen to ensure our animals are only fed the best.

The cows are also grass fed and have beautiful pastures they graze on while the pigs have half acre wooded pens where they can naturally root.

Blackbird Farm is a family run farm and everyone has an import job to do to keep everything running and together. The farm is what the family loves to do, it's an enjoyment that was able to be turned into a business.  

The Bouthillette Family loves being able to supply beautiful healthy meat to the local market and knowing that the meat is appreciated and enjoyed for all the hard work put into it. They value and appreciate every customer for supporting their farm! 

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