F.A Howard Created More Than Just Soda

We are one of the first soda makers in the world. 

In 1830, a blacksmith named Samuel Simpson acquired the land where the spring is located. Even at that time, he understood the value of real spring water. 

It wasn't until his grandson, Fred Howard, also known as Dr. Howard, started experimenting with the carbonation of fruit juiced beverages in the late 1860s. At this time this was not common practice. Dr. Howard found interest in the business at a young age and ended up getting a chemistry degree. This helped him develop our flavors. This was a rather new field and unexplored. He created some flavors that we still use today at Simpson Spring.

Dr. Howard went on to develop 26 different flavors for the company, and shortly after left to pursue different interests.

One of the men who popularized soda in New England did more than just create some of our classic flavors.