Simple Trick To Eat Fewer Calories in a Meal

A study from Andrade et al in 2012 [1] found that inter-meal water consumption improved satiety ratings when eating speed was controlled. What this means is that people felt fuller during and after a meal when they drank water with it. This could be beneficial for a dieter trying to lose body fat.

Drinking water could potentially help with satiety during the meal and later in the day as well, making someone feel fuller, thus, decreasing their overall calories. This study also showed that slowing down and chewing your food fully helped as well. Our recommendation: Eat slowly, enjoy your meal, and drink Simpson Spring water with it!

A practical recommendation could be to drink water 15-30 minutes prior to a meal and sip on water during a meal. While calories are the most important factor to losing weight, manipulating your fluid levels could trick you into eating less overall calories.

Reference: [1]