About Simpson Spring

Our Mission & Vision

We strive to preserve and protect Simpson Spring – a vital part of our local history, the foundation of our business and the source of the quality of our products while educating the consumer and spreading awareness.

Our vision is to become a local industry leader by fostering an environment where people come to experience the historical value and beauty of nature’s gift to the community.

Step Back in Time at Simpson Spring



Our History

Simpson Spring is a family owned and operated company that provides pure bottled spring water and all-natural hand-mixed soda in a variety of classic flavors. In 1878 our building was built around a geothermal spring. We bottle REAL spring water, and make soda with our spring water. 

The spring itself dates back to 6000BC The Wampanoag Indian Tribe lived there until the 1600's when the Small Pox epidemic and King Phillips war destroyed their population. Our family prides ourselves on Simpson Spring's storied history, which began in South Easton, Massachusetts more than 140 years ago with the discovery of a natural, bubbling spring...

Since that time, the company has been an adventure in the American dream, flourishing with advances in technology, remaining independent amidst industry consolidation. There are less than 100 independent bottlers left in The United States. We endeavor to keep the spirit of America alive.

The Simpson Spring Difference

Simpson's Spring water comes from one, naturally bubbling spring set within a protected area in South Easton, Massachusetts. There is only one spring, consequently one source. Our water is tested twice weekly by an outside lab and meets the highest quality standards for purity and refreshment!

There is a real difference between what you are getting with Simpson Spring, and what you get from mass producers. We've got nothing to hide. We encourage you to ask to see our latest water analysis!

Hear Our Story


Simpson Spring was recently featured on the WCVB Channel 5 Made and Mass segment. Click the image above to hear Doug Meehan's report.


▲Take a Tour

Watch this video for an inside look at the oldest bottling plant in the US! See our bottling process, historic museum and more!


◀︎Our Rich History

Hear Chris Bertarelli from Simpson Spring talk about the History of Simpson Spring on Jim Zoppo's American Landscape, below (At about the 30 minute mark).